Your Villa with private pool.

The Fleming Villa and its satellite cottages afford you the utmost in privacy. Privacy as the only residents of the villa with private pool, meals, and water access. A stay at The Fleming Villa guarantees that whether you are sunbathing, reading in the tropical garden or meditating on the beach you will not be disturbed.

The Fleming Villa is located 20 minutes east Ocho Rios and it's a simple 8-minute drive from Fleming International Airport to the villa with private pool where Fleming penned all of the James Bond novels at the beautiful desk still found in the home.

The villa contains the original three bedrooms along with two stand alone guest cottages to sleep up to ten guests.  In addition to the villa, a stay at The Fleming Villa includes a private butler, housekeeper and cook to attend to your needs.


Music by The Congos - La la bam-bam - Buy it now on itunes.



Lunch or dinner under the famous almond trees planted by Ian Fleming, Fleming Beach BBQ and jerk feast, dinner in the protected Fleming cave or served anywhere else you would like in the villa’s famously lush garden.

Ian Fleming

" I have made up my mind. I am going to live the rest of my life in Jamaica. "